Windhorse : evolution

Windhorse : evolution is a Buddhist business: from a market stall in 1980, we are now a leading supplier of giftware in the UK.

We use the process of working together to practice the Buddha's teachings. We take less for ourselves to create more money to give away. Our profits go to Buddhist and social projects.

The business is made of people who want to work ethically. Together we support each other to become a bit more aware, a touch kinder, a little wiser. Working together, living together, relying on each other, makes deep friendships - and without these relationships, there would be no Windhorse : evolution.

Vacancies and Volunteering

If you’d like more information about working at Windhorse : evolution, as an employee or a volunteer, please contact us.

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Subhuti, a very senior member of the Trirtana Buddhist Order, came to hold a two day seminar with our management forum.

Evolution has opened it’s 21st shop in the South London suburb of Croydon.

Saddharaja has given the final talk in his series of six, on the theme of right livelihood. The videos are all available to watch, on this site.