Bohemian Dresses – How To Wear Them Right?

Bohemian fashion is all about creating a cold and effortless style with natural-looking hair and makeup. This style developed in the early 1960s-70s and therefore derives strong influence from the hippie culture which was in full swing back then. Bohemian fashion attire is like expressing your love for freedom, it is your way of expressing your inner wild spirit. You can play around with all the different elements of it in endless possibilities to create a number of distinctive looks. Listed below are just a few suggestions on how you can nail this look while wearing dresses.

  1. Choose loose dresses

There should be a lot of freedom in the movement. Restrictive clothing kills the soul of bohemian fashion so make sure that you are not wearing any garments that may be too tight or form-fitting. Comfort and ease are the two main things in bohemian style. Free flowing skirts and maxi skirts are therefore given high preference. You can also choose loose pants and wide palazzos as long as you have the accessories to work out the look. There should be fluidity in the movement and the fabric should be natural, like cotton. Adding such items to your wardrobe will also make your gets up versatile as you can pair them with different accessories to create entirely different looks.

Go for lace and embellishments

Bohemian style is very romantic. It offers the wearer enough scope to play around with beads, embroidery, tassels, and more. Lace and embellishments do a great job by adding great definition to the look. Knitwear is also totally accepted, given that it is sheer and lacy. A knotty top, preferably in neutral tones would look great over tank tops and maxi skirts. Embellishments further increase this look by instantly giving the dresses a classy touch.

  1. Experiment with patterns

Bohemian style is all about expressing the love of freedom, therefore; it is totally about bright prints and interesting patterns. When you are going for solid colors, choose soft but bright ones and when you are going for prints, make sure that the print is in harmony is the central theme of your style. Ethnic prints, geometric prints, paisley prints, all work great for the boho style.

  1. Place importance on comfort

This is the most important is part of the entire article. What most people tend to do is follow up the trend blindly even if it means discomfort. The important thing, however, is to maintain that your clothes are comfortable enough to wear. Therefore, loose garments are a favorite.

  1. Combine fitted and flowy

When everything in your outfit is too loose and too flowy, you will end up looking like a clown. So try to strike a balance in your dressing. Combine the loosely fitted skirts with embellishments or even tie a scarf around your neck just to maintain a balance. You can use scarves as waistbands. This will carve out a feminine shape and also add an interesting appeal to the overall look.

  1. Natural fibers

While getting bohemian dresses, always select natural fibers. The dresses should also be free flowing at the same time. This will keep the dress from puffing up and defeating the purpose of the look. Only free flowing, natural fibers are welcome.

  1. Shoes

Gladiators, jeweled flats, and ankle boots are among the footwear that works well with boho style. Anything apart from these will change the appearance greatly. It would be better if the footwear had small detailing like fringes, tassels, and metal embellishments; they will blend with the look without overdoing the entire get up.

  1. Avoid neon

Boho dresses always have to be bright and playful. However, this does not mean that you can pick up any bright colors; instead, it would be better to stick. Bright neons are too loud to be integrated into boho fashion. Everything in the boho list should be well maintained and neutral. They should be able to make you look powerful without playing the feminine aspect of the tamper. Subtle and nude tones are the best for this.