Must Haves For Boho Style This Fall

Before you know it, summer will be fading away and the temperatures will begin to drop. Now is the time that you should start putting together your fall wardrobe and getting all the latest boho clothing. If it were possible, everyone would love to get a new wardrobe every season. But that is sadly not the case for most of us, and it all comes down to selective and versatile shopping strategies. The good news is that you do not really need a complete wardrobe overhaul. Just adding a few selected pieces will do the job. Here are a few items that will help you pull off the fall look with full glamor.

  1. Biker jackets

Biker jackets never go out of style. A glossy leather biker jacket in black or dark brown can be worn over all sorts of outfits. They add an outgoing as well as a deeply glamorous touch to your look. You can wear them with jeans as well as dresses and top off the look with high heels or eccentric flats. Remember that if you are wearing flats with a biker jacket, keep them eccentric. Snake skins and quirky cutouts will do a great job. For a rugged bohemian look, you can wear a rugged leather jacket in light brown colors. These look very minimal, but impart a strong personality of the wearer.

  1. High waist pants

Pants are the ultimate grab and go during the fall season. If you add a few more pants to the wardrobe, they will work for you during other seasons as well. Pencil pants, tapered cuts, and paper bag pants are just a few of the styles that will remain highly functional during the season. These are not too over the top, very simplistic and comfortable as well. They are rather elegant as opposed to normally outlandish boho fashions. You can wear these pants to work as well as for casual functions. To avoid the outfit from looking dull, you can go for a few well-selected accessories and save the day.

  1. Pleated skirts

Skirts are everyone’s favorite garment, but have you ever tried a pleated skirt? They are now making their way back into fashion. In fact, all the major designers have incorporated pleats into their collection. You can choose from fine pleats and broad pleats. Do not keep them too long. A skirt that rests just below or just above the knee is the perfect. For a boho look, go for metallic skirts paired with a loose leather jacket. This combined with pointy heels will take the look to the next level.

  1. Bell sleeves

If you own bell sleeves, start taking them out for fall. These add a very playful touch to your look. As long as you have them on you will find it hard to stop yourself from making hand gestures. Choose warm fabrics such as rabbit fur in soft colors. This will keep the look fresh and romantic.

  1. Block heels

Blocks are a total must have for the fall season. These have the power of converting any look into a highly glamorous one. They are also very comfortable to walk around in. Get a block heel in a dark shade like black or chocolate brown and it will work with your entire wardrobe.

  1. Beanies

Everyone loves beanies. Sadly, they cannot be worn all year round. So wear them to your heart’s content as long as you can. Wearing beanies over biker jackets will immediately make you stand out in any crowd. This badass look will surely win you many laurels on the street.

  1. Wrap coats

Wrap coats are another essential element to fall fashion. They come in different fabrics so you will not have to worry about the weather as well. The wrap coats will keep you looking chic and also protect you from the outside elements. If you prefer the boho chic look, you can go for a wrap coat with slight frills. This will add a lot of delicacy and femininity to your look.